Out of This World (Soap Challenge)

Somehow through the world of Instagram I stumbled upon Great Cakes Soapworks and its Soap Challenge Club. Seeing some of the previous challenges were so inspiring! I am so new to creating my own soap and I figured there was no way I could do this but my husband encouraged me. What did I really have to lose?

So here I am. Getting ready to submit my first challenge for the April Rustic Soap and Packaging.

It was a challenge, being fairly new to soaping and entering a challenge that I had to follow a tutorial and yet still be unique. I never created a soap that didn’t have step by step guidelines. What was I going to do?

I ended up browsing the website of one of the challenge sponsors, Rustic Escentuals and was inspired by the scent Dream Catcher and the tutorial for re-batching in the crockpot and that is how I ended up with my end result.

I first created a batch of cold process soap using Titanium Dioxide (which turned more cream colored since my olive oil is a darker extra virgin with a gold mica dispersed throughout. I used the Dreamcatcher scent.


The next day I created a hot process batch in the crock pot. I purchased the pot for $10 from Goodwill and crossed my fingers that it worked. I didn’t take too many pictures. I seriously need to get better at this. Below is the only shot I took. Shame on me. I colored the soap with Brambleberry Ultramarine Blue Pigment and Rustic Escentuals Black Star Blue Mica.


Next I chopped up the first batch into little pieces and mixed it in and let it hang out. Before I pulled the batch I did add more scent. I love the end result and it’s exactly how I wanted it to look when I was done. Fast forward a week later (we went away for the kids’ spring break) and I headed over to A.C. Moore to see what materials I could find to package my soap in.


My jackpot was the tape with the little stars on it. I love how it complements my galaxy/night time inspiration. Below is the finished product for my first Great Cakes Soapworks challenge. Cheers!



9 thoughts on “Out of This World (Soap Challenge)”

  1. Excellent job, Melissa! I’m so happy for you! Exercising your creative muscles is fun, isn’t it? Your soap looks very galactic and fun! The galaxy tape is PERFECT for this project. I’ve only used the BlackStar red mica from Rustic Escentuals, but it looks like the blue version creates some stunning results also!


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